Christmas Grace by Kristin Orphan

What a year!  When I look back on the past 12 months in my family, I’m amazed at all that has transpired.  We have experienced change, celebrations, set backs, confusion and break-through. As we head into the next couple of weeks of celebration.  I know that our family time will not resemble the holiday movies[…]


Discerning God’s Will by Kristin Orphan

Discerning God’s Will by Kristin Orphan Often I have conversations with families who are trying to understand what God is asking them to do.  The journey of foster care and adoption is full of twists and turns.  We may be heading down one path and then a door closes and we are faced with either[…]

Invisible Wounds by Kristin Orphan

Our society has a lot more grace for visible wounds and disabilities. Last year, I had a bulging disc in my lower back. It was so painful. I lived with the pain every day. It dictated how I functioned. I tried to keep going and act like nothing was different, because I didn’t want it[…]

Happy Mother’s Day by Ana Morante, LMFT

To the amazing, beautiful, courageous women in my life Today, Mother’s Day takes on a new, deeper meaning for me. I’ve been given a gift that I need to share with you and then, the world. Being a mother is a privilege, a gift, and possibly the most intense and deepest experience that we can[…]

Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can!

Written by Kristin Orphan FHF Founder and Director  We bought a new dishwasher about 6 months ago.  Recently, we discovered that the door that releases the soap was not opening on a consistent basis.  So, we figured out a way to “trick it” sometimes, but often we have to run the load a second[…]

Helping Teachers Understand Your Kids

Written by Jen Hatmaker Guest Blogger Find out more about Jen’s ministry at Hey parents of our adopted loveys…just a suggestion at the beginning of school. I always make sure our teachers not only know our kids’ basic history but also some potential blind spots on assignments and projects that have unintentionally caused our kids[…]


The Sideline

Written by Kristin Orphan, FHF Founder and Director Yesterday, I invited my youngest daughter to go bowling.  She said, “With who?”  I responded, “With me.”  She said, “Anyone else?”  I said, “No.”  I actually was quite entertained by that exchange, because I understand that we are in a new season of life with three[…]


Gaining Ground

Written by Kristin Orphan, FHF Founder and Director If you have ever seen someone skateboard in a half pipe, you know that they roll back and forth to pick up momentum and speed in order to make it to the edge.  With each pass, they go a little higher up the wall, until finally[…]