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We recruit local churches and community groups to become champions for families.

Many churches and agencies are doing the important work of helping people understand the plight of foster and orphaned children.

Here are the ways Finally Home can equip your teams:

1 Day Family Strengthening Event Leadership Training ($200/person. Discount provided for 4 or more.)
Finally Home has been successfully providing Whole Family Strengthening Events since 2008. Our unique and popular schedule gives parents a break to learn and connect with other adults, while their kids have a great time in SuperHero Academy and FH Teens.  They enjoy the social and educational opportunities provided throughout this highly organized day created with them in mind. Leaders who attend this one-day training will learn how to set up and manage a Finally Home Family Strengthening Event for the families in their church and community.

Materials Included: Finally Home Family Strengthening Program Manual, SHA Academy Curriculum and FH Teen Activity and Discussion Guide
3 Day Certified Family Wellness Instructor Training ($750/person.)
The Family Wellness Instructor Training is an interactive, three-day, workshop that provides certification for facilitators to instruct families in their community using the Family Wellness programs. It is designed for educators, mental health professionals, ministers, social workers, employee assistance workers, therapists, community leaders, and others interested in helping families. In the training you will learn the theoretical foundation of the Family Wellness model, and how to help families change.

Materials Included: Instructor Handbook, Instructor Resources, Family Workbook, PowerPoint
2 Hour Childcare Worker Trauma Training ($30/person. Group pricing available for teams.)
Designed for anyone who works with children either in a classroom setting, Sunday School setting, or one on one. Learn strategies and techniques for setting up a classroom designed to minimize the trauma of leaving a trusted adult and entering a room of strangers. Learn skills such as setting behavior expectations, 3 point “hand-off,” and concrete activities that help distract a child who is experiencing big emotions.

*See Finally Home's curriculum tab for more information on our Family Strengthening Series Model and life stage curricula.

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Additional Resources

Emotions Toolkits for Kids and Teens

Emotions Toolkits for Kids and Teens

Children who have experienced trauma often feel big emotions. The first step in being able to safely work through overwhelming emotions is to name them. We created the Finally Home Emotions Toolkit for parents to help their children correctly identify their emotions and establish calming strategies. Our kit contains eight different concrete items that assist children in emotional regulation. (English and Spanish)

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Family Emotions Bible Study

Emotions are a gift from God designed to be gauges, not guides. This Bible study is a tool to help parents, children, and teens learn about what the Bible says about emotions. Emotions that are covered are fear, loneliness, tiredness, anxiousness, sadness, and joyfulness.

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Map for Healthy Families, 5 Week Small Group Series

In this 5-week small group series, families will learn about the building blocks of a healthy house.” Our “healthy house” is made up of the patterns and skills that show up in healthy families. Through short animations, worksheets, video teaching, and interactive conversations, families learn what it takes to grow in each of these areas. Use it in your support group, neighborhood, or church. (English and Spanish)

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To purchase and for a complete list of Finally Home's Family Strengthening Resources, visit our online store.

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