The Curriculum

Since 2008, Finally Home has been equipping foster, adoptive and kinship families to build healthy homes where kids can heal.


The Finally Home Family Strengthening Program is comprised of SuperHero Academy Resiliency Training for children, FH Teens Life Skills for youth, and *Survival Skills for Healthy Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Families for adults. Each of Finally Home’s three life stage curricula contain research-based content with multiple sessions and themes that can stand alone or build upon one another.  Finally Home trains churches and organizations to provide this program for the families in their community. Our program is recognized by most Departments of Human Services for Foster, Adoptive and Kinship parent ongoing education credit and certification.

*Finally Home, along with Family Wellness Associates LLC, presents, “Survival Skills for Healthy Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Families,” a co-branded adult curriculum focused on the unique needs of these special families. Taking from the best of social science and psychological research, we teach skills and patterns that consistently show up in healthy families.


Our program has proven to bring unconnected families into the local church, where they find meaningful and supportive relationships.

“Finally Home is a God-send for front-lines foster families. Their Family Strengthening events are like an oasis for families who are desperately in need of encouragement, support, and training. Kristin and her team have committed fully to providing excellence at the highest level. Their years of personal experience in foster care, adoption, and supporting families is on full-display in the incredible detail with which they’ve designed their programming. Thank God for Finally Home!”

Foster Care Director // Lance Nelson CompACT Family Services, Hot Springs, Arkansas

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A Tailored Approach

Family Strengthening Program Themes

Event 1
Adults: Map for Healthy Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Families
SHA:   SuperHeroes are Good Communicators
FHT:  You Have a Voice

Event 2
Adults: Parents as Leaders & Models
SHA:  SuperHeroes Have Self Control
FHT:  Developing Self Control

Event 3
Adults: Adult Relationships in Healthy Families & Passing Along Your Values
SHA: SuperHeroes are Kind
FHT: Practicing Kindness

Event 4
Adults: Solving Problems & Change in Healthy Families
SHA: SuperHeros are Confident
FHT - Becoming a Strong, Confident Teen








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