Family Stories

Open Hearts

The struggle we're in today is developing the strength we need for tomorrow.

Nicole and Mike

Stowe Family

Amanda and Ryan


John and Sherri

Trevor and Lindsay Sides
We felt deeply understood, known, and empowered to succeed, like no other resource that was available to us. We began to consider Finally Home Family Strengthening events as a must-do each quarter. Super relevant and much needed to keep us on the right path as a family.

James and Lori Moore
We had been to many Finally home events by this time, so when asked to participate in the discussion up front, I was comfortable to jump right in. It just so happened that THIS time, the discussion centered on EXACTLY what I was struggling with. As I stood there, my life was being reenacted right in front of me.

We left that day with the knowledge that we weren’t alone in our struggles. Through a lot of work and patience, we were able to get our daughter the help she needed. We finalized her adoption three years ago. After so many years in the foster care system and a lot of pain and disappointment, we had the privilege of saying to her, “All of that is behind you. You’re finally home!”

John and Sherri Yockey
It has been our experience that many people don't understand why Foster, Adoptive and Kinship families open their doors (and their hearts) so wide. We have had the experience and have talked to others who have lost friends, strained family relationships, given up jobs, homes, hobbies, lifestyles, traditions and a list of other things - all for the opportunity to walk through the landmines of heartache, bureaucracy, trauma... When your family has decided to say "YES- we will give that child a chance at a new life"... to be that family who opens their hearts and their home and offers a safe place for a child to land no matter the circumstances - you can't do it alone. At Finally Home you're not going to hear "well you really messed THAT up" or "there's no hope for that kid" or "why in the world did you do this in the first place?!" The people at Finally Home have walked in your shoes, experienced your struggles, your happiness, your fears and they will reach out their hand to you and say "we want to help".